Hand Pain

Hand pain is an all-too common complaint, mostly having to do with arthritis. Those who suffer with arthritis day in and day out understand how difficult it can be to go about an ordinary life if the pain in the hands is extreme. Many patients say that they never really appreciated how many joints there were in the hands until every single one of them started to hurt!

Hand pain is also rampant in athletes, who often play sports that put their hands at great risk and end up with injury. In addition to hand pain and injury causing problems in an individual’s daily life, an athlete with an incapacitated hand is often unable to play for the team. Thus, many professional athletes and sports teams are very interested in how prolotherapy can help them get their players off the injured lists and back on the field!

It can never be overemphasized how much impetus our culture puts on giving ailing individuals pills. There seems to be a pill for everything these days, but the issue with the pill obsession is that it never treats the root cause of the pain. There are hundreds of effective painkillers out there to be sure, but a painkiller won’t help the taker bend his or her knuckles more effectively, and it won’t help an athlete return to the top of his or her game.

Prolotherapy can. Of course, in the case of advanced arthritis in the hands, there is unfortunately no way for prolotherapy to reduce the physical deformities often associated with arthritis of the hand. However, prolotherapy can greatly reduce both pain and dependence on medicines, as well as increase the range of motion in the afflicted hand. Even better, most prolotherapy patients find that they can enjoy relief from hand pain in as few as one to three sessions. No surgery, no excessive waiting, no pills. Only enhanced movement and lessened pain in a minimum of prolotherapy sessions.

Whether we are old or young, sports players or watchers, our hands are one of the most active, important parts of our bodies. When our hands become debilitated due to injury or arthritis, our lives become exponentially more difficult as a result, as many of the necessary tasks of our every day lives elude us. Don’t be a victim of hand pain, and don’t feel as though you must rely on expensive and damaging medications or surgery in order to find relief. With prolotherapy, you can say goodbye to hand pain and get back to living your every day life both pain free and medicine free.