Hip pain – Bone on Bone

A Question and Answer from our radio show.

Hip Pain from bone on bone

Hi Dr. Darrow. Every other day I have significant hip pain from a bone on bone situation. I broke my hip twenty years ago and while the bone has healed, I have osteoarthritis. The doctor is recommending hip replacement.

Dr. Darrow: I see patients almost every day waiting for a joint replacement. They have it scheduled, the doctor has told them they need it, they tell them they have bone on bone arthritis; the cartilage has worn down, etc.

When the patient comes in, we do a physical examination and we see if surgery can be avoided. For most we use Prolotherapy and/or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and we can fix their hip pain.

After we alleviate their pain and they say their hip feels stronger, the patients go back to their doctors, cancel their surgeries and ask the doctors “why didn’t you suggest Prolotherapy or PRP?” Most times their doctors say “because they never heard of it.”

Platelet Rich Plasma is a newer technology than traditional dextrose Prolotherapy. We draw blood out of the patients arm and spin the blood until we separate the platelets that help accelerate the healing of soft tissue. We then inject the platelets back into the hip under ultrasound guidance.

We do not use PRP for every patient because dextrose Prolotherapy is very effective for most. PRP is mostly reserved for patients with excessive deterioration or there is an exceptional need to get back to work or a sport very quickly.

We have had people come in where they could not even move their limbs and we get them well. We have seen close to 10,000 patients so we have a good understanding of when dextrose Prolotherapy will work, when PRP treatments will work, and when sometimes it won’t work. To be fair, many times that it does not work is because people give up early on it, confuse it with epidural and cortisone. But we have seen almost 10,000 patients so we have a good idea.

We have moved over to ultrasound guided injections because it helps us target the exact area of the injury. This is the latest in technology and it takes the “guess work,” out of where we should inject and helps us to reduce the number of injections necessary which is a comfort for the patients.

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