Hip Pain

Hip pain is a prevalent cause of chronic pain to many people nationwide, and it is also one of the most interesting areas to treat with prolotherapy hip injections. The reason this area is so worthy of note is because the “hip” is often confused with other parts of the body. The hip could be the back of the pelvis where the ligaments attach themselves to vertebrae, or it could be the on the side where there is a lump on the femur (the curve of the hip). The hip has even been described as the muscles in the front thigh that connect to the pelvis. The pain caused in these areas of the “hip” may just be issues lying in the hip joint or the ligaments that attach the hip to the pelvis. These areas can be successfully treated with prolotherapy hip treatment.

In order to receive an accurate treatment plan, it is necessary to first make an appropriate diagnosis. It is important to know what to expect when being evaluated for prolotherapy hip treatments. These treatments work because of their strategic placement based on trigger or pressure points. In order to find these points it is necessary for the doctor to touch the areas to find the most sensitive places. This can be an uncomfortable experience when the pain is in the sensitive and private areas of the hips and pelvis, but it is a necessary part of ensuring a safe plan of prolotherapy hip treatment. Only when the exact points of strategic injection have been located can a quick and accurate plan of treatment be developed.

Hip pain is often felt in the groin, which makes it necessary to inject the region in two areas. The first is just below the pelvis, where it intersects with the upper pubic bone. The second is just above the greater trochanter. Patients who receive these prolotherapy hip injections sometimes complain of mild stiffness following the procedure, but then experience relief from their pain. This pain relief tends to last for longer periods of time as the treatments become more frequent.

Hip replacements and invasive surgeries should be avoided when possible. They are expensive and dangerous procedures that often lead to more problems, instead of fewer. Prolotherapy hip treatments have proven a successful way to treat chronic hip pain in many patients. To see if this method of treatment is best for your condition, set up a consult with a prolotherapist.