Neck Pain

Neck pain is the second most common problem we see, preceded only by lower back pain. There are a number of ways to incur a neck injury, which damages the tendons and ligaments around the joints of the neck. Alternative symptoms associated to this type of damage are headaches, jaw pain, irritable bowel syndrome, ear pain, vertigo, and loss of voice or hoarseness. The reason neck injuries are so common is that the weight of the head is not proportionate to its size; not one of nature’s finest designs. These symptoms can be successfully alleviated, however, through prolotherapy neck treatments.

Prolotherapy neck injections have helped many patients who previously received an improper diagnosis. A recent patient, for example, complained to his doctor that he was suffering from frequent headaches. His surgeon told him that he had a herniated disc on the right side of his neck, having the potential to spark painful headaches throughout the rest of his life. The only way to prevent these headaches, he was told, was through surgery. Upon seeking prolotherapy neck injections as an alternative, the intensity of his suffering has diminished greatly, and he has even stopped taking anti-inflammatory medications.

Prolotherapy neck treatments can also benefit those that suffer from morning neck pain. This is a common problem, and includes extreme stiffness upon waking, making it difficult to turn the head left or right. Many people experiment with different sleeping positions and orthopedic pillows, but to no avail. This type of discomfort is usually the fault of a neck muscle sprain, and is sometimes brushed off as a minor condition because of low pain severity. No matter the intensity level of the neck pain associated with this injury, prolotherapy can eliminate it.

Some patients undergoing prolotherapy neck treatments ask about cracking their necks. In some cases this can bring relief, as it relieves pressure in the joints. Because the action of cracking your own neck requires straining the tendons and ligaments, however, it is recommended that you only seek this type of relief from a trained professional. It is not difficult to further damage the area if the neck is even slightly mistreated in this way. Always consult a doctor before starting a treatment plan, and explore all possible options before committing to one method. Prolotherapy neck injections have some risks, like those of other spinal injections, but they far outweigh the risks associated to invasive surgical procedures.